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Maanja Velu
Movie Maanja Velu (2010)
Music Mani Sharma
Cast Arun Vijay, Dhanshika
Director A. Venkatesh
Lyrics -
Release Date 23-March-2010
Maanja Maanja Maan - Remix Mukesh, Priya Subramaniam
Maanja Maanja Maanja Velu Tippu, Sujatha
Munneru Munneru Cappuvee Ranjith, Naveen
Yeppadithan Muraichu Pesina Rahul Nambiar
Oh My Dear Orrvagai Fire Ranjith, Saindhavi
Ooril Ulla Uyirkalelem Karthik

The Chithirai Thirunal this year will have a ‘commercial cracker’ on screens. For, Arun Vijay has said his forthcoming film ‘Maanja Velu’, directed by A Venkatesh, will be released on April 14.

“The movie would be a milestone movie in my career. There is a huge audience for action films. Movies of Jackie Chan, Van Damme and Steven Segal are admired. ‘Maanja Velu’ would be in those lines,” he said.

“The action scenes were choreographed well by Kanal Kannan for nearly 45 days. I took it as a challenge and did those risky stunt sequences without any body double. I learnt parkour, a physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path.”

The actor added: “It is an edge of the seat mass entertainer. It has yesteryear actor Karthik making a comeback in a powerful role. Though the film is inspired by Telugu hit ‘Lakshyam’, enough changes have been made to suit to the taste of Tamil audience.”

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