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Thiru Ranga
Movie Thiru Ranga (2007)
Music Srikanth Deva
Cast Santhosh, Ankitha, Tejashree, Nasser, Manivannan.
Director Bhargavan
Lyrics -
Release Date 7-August-2007
Ennai Yetho Kalyani
Ivane Ivana Karthik , Priyadarshini
Madurai Veera Malathi , Sriram
Onnu Rendu Shankar Mahadevan
Pollachi Tippu, Anuradha Sriram , Roshini
Thakathimi Suchitra

The director-hero duo of Bhargavan and Santhosh, after doing two films together, ‘Kadhal Seiya Virumbu’ and ‘Oru Kadhal Seiyveer’ join together for their third film formerly known as ‘Sriranga’. Paired with Santhosh are Ankitha and Tejashri.

The duo’s earlier films had overt sex and glamour which put off the family audiences. But this time he wouldn’t make that mistake, states the director.

The first schedule of shooting took place at Hyderabad for 25 days. The second schedule was a 20-day one at Thalakonam, where a scene of a festival was picturised, and a song on Santhosh and Tejashri. With music set by Srikanth Deva, cinematography is by Visagan. Tejashri plays a girl who runs a mess, where the hero and his friends come to eat.

About the story, the director says it is the conflict between the haves and the have-nots. It’s centered on a youth who has no money and takes the wrong path to get it. And about a woman who has more money than she needs, and has to go through various tensions because of that.

Ankitha plays a popular film actress who is coveted by a film financier. But when she doesn’t respond to his overtures, the man gets her kidnapped by a youth for whom money is the only criteria. This crucial kidnap scene was shot at a forest in Andhra Pradesh where Ankitha, Nasser and Santhosh took part. Chennai, Ooty and Theni are some of the other locations where the film is being shot.

Produced by A. Selvi, the cast includes Manivannan, Ramesh Kanna, Deepa Venkat, Sabita Anand, Ponnambalam, Dalapathi Dinesh and Muthukalai.

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