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Raaman Abdullah
Movie Raaman Abdullah (1997)
Music Illaiyaraja
Cast Sivakumar, Vignesh, Karan, Aswini, Eswari Rao
Director Balu Mahendra
Lyrics Vaali, Arivumathi, Ravibharathi.
Release Date 17-May-2007
En Veetu Jannal Bhavatharani, Arunmozhi
Muthamizhe Muthamizhe SP. Balasubramaniam, Chitra
Puthithai Ketkum Chithra K S
Sembaruthi SP. Balasubramaniam, Chitra
Un Mathama Nagur Hanifa
Machchaan Un Machchiniya Malgudi Subha

Raman (Vignesh), a poor teacher, is thrown out of his job. His best friend, Abdullah (Karan) is offered a teaching job in Ooty although he has set his mind on going to Dubai. Facing fierce opposition from his father, Abdullah comes up with a plan. He trades places with Raman, who now goes to Ooty as Abdullah. There he meets Hajiyaar (Sivakumar) and his daughter Aishah (Aswini). He boards with Anuar (Charlie) and begins his career. Later on he discovers love with the Hindu pannayar's daughter Eswari Rao. The rest of the story relates the problems faced by Raman and the complications that begins when Abdullah joins him in Ooty.

Having started out quite interestingly, Balu just didn't manage to keep up with the tempo, and just plots along. I realised this when typing out the sypnosis of the movie - there is nothing significant to tell! Raman Abdullah ends up as a movie among the hundreds of masalas Madras churns out every year. There is the usual dosage of love songs, fight sequences good-hero, best-friend, nasty-villain trio, and the grand finale - when after a huge fight, everything is sorted out. Come to think of it, it's not even a good masala (as compared to say, Sakala Kala Vallavan) as the story-telling is tedious and the movie, slow-moving. Definitely not one of Balu's better movies.

Ilayaraaja's music is the high point of the movie and saves it from utter disgrace. The Ilayaraaja of the 80's can be seen in this movie with good numbers such as Muthamizhey, muthamizhey (SPB & Chitra), Sembarathi pennoruthi (SPB & Chitra) and Yen veetu jannal (Arun Mozhi & Bavatharani). The title song, usually sung by IR himself in most movies, is however sung by religious singer, EM Haniffa. This song, Un mathama, is also quite catchy.

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