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Movie Lakshyam (2007)
Music Mani Sharma
Cast Prabhu Deva, Raja, Raghava Lawrence, Charmme
Director Lawrence Raghavender
Lyrics -
Release Date 8-January-2007
Neruppai Endrumae Karthik
Star Vandha Super Star Vandha Mano
Stylae Stylae Ravi Varma, Jai Geetha
Unnil Ulladhu Nambikkai Ranjith
Super Star Rasigan Naan Karthik
Yaarum Illai Karthik
Vaada Vaada Aattathirrkku Tippu

With Prabhu Deva and Lawrence Raghavender around the leitmotif of dance writes itself on to the film. After all, the duo is the two best dancers in the country now. But there was certain apprehension that how can mere dance make for a good movie. Won’t it become tedious with too much of a good thing?

It is in fact a pretty obvious tale. But the director infuses good sentiments and entertainments by bringing in mass elements like surprisingly throwing up Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna for a couple of fights, the love of Charmi, the story of Raja and Kamalini, the sentiments of Raghava’s mother. Everything has been given a place and the anticipation levels are matched. And above all, the awe-inspiring dances. In one word, ‘whoo’.

More than Lawrence the actor, Lawrence, the dancer and the director walk away with all the honors. His ability with his legs needs no new mention. But in this film, he just crosses a new frontier and reaches new levels of callisthenic excellence. Prabhu Deva as his mentor is, as only he can be, amazing. Charmi as Lawrence’s love interest passes muster. Then there is Raja, who despite being in a small, shows lot of spunk. Ditto in the case of Kamalini.

All in all, there is nothing much to crib.

With dance being on the center stage,the movie depended a lot on music and songs and Mani Sharma has given just that. High on rhythms (quite naturally), the songs have eminently dance-worthy. Kabir Lal, the cameraman, has canned them with style and sincerity. In fact, his work is one of the highlights of the film. Lawrence choreography belongs to a new genre.

Lakshyam surely lives upto its name.

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