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Movie Sabari (2006)
Music Mani Sharma
Cast Vijayakanth, Jyothirmayi, Malavika, Vathsala
Director Suresh
Lyrics -
Release Date 6-January-2007
Aavanna Akkanna Tippu, Sujatha
Aalaya Mani Kalyani
Om Ennum Ranjith, Naveen, Rahul Nambiyar
Oru Murai Sonnal Naveen, Bhargavi
Osama Osama A.V. Ramanan, Ranjith, Naveen

Vijaykanth, known for playing cop roles in his films, plays for the first time the character of a doctor in his forthcoming film Sabari. The movie is Captain's 150th film.

This film is to be produced by Salem A.Chandrasekharan, who became famous with 'Kallaan' and 'Gajini'.Suresh, who has made 'Arasu' and 'Gambeeram', is directing 'Sabari'. He has also written the screenplay for the film, while the dialogue is by Pattukkottai Prabhakar.

Vijayakanth plays the lead role of a doctor with humanistic ideals. Not only patients but society as a whole is his concern and he works for both without political considerations. Featured with him are two heroines - Jothirmayee and Malavika.

Jyothirmayi explains. “I choose roles based on the merit of characters, judging them from an actor's perspective, on the basis of the script. And I never care whether it is the heroine role or not. I am more interested in the potential or scope of the character,” she said. As the bubbly girl, Jyothirmayi did not have to strain much sinew playing the love interest of Vijayakanth in Sabari. 'The refined ways of the character post-marriage should be the clinching factor,' she said with a smile you would have longed to swap.

This is a new character which Vijaykanth has not done before. When captain was interviewed recently, he seemed to have been bowled over by the story of Sabari. He feels that this film could be the right mixture of Ramana and Vallarasu. The theme is a very bold one in which captain takes on the role of a doctor called Sabarivaasan. While police department shields the public, the health care department saves them. This film talks about the liaison and the bondage between these two departments. Captain opines that this film has everything right about it, which has never been the case in his earlier films. Y.N. Murali handles the camera and Manisharma scores the music.

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