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Good Luck
Movie Good Luck (1998)
Music Manoj Bhatnagar
Cast Prashanth, Riya Sen, Raghuvaran, Suganya
Director Manoj Bhatnagar
Lyrics -
Release Date 3-July-2006
Kaatdhal Seium S.P.BalaSubramaniam, Sujatha
Itho Intha Nenjodu S.P.BalaSubramaniam, Chitra
July Pathinaaru Srinivas, Sujatha, Chorus
Kadikkum Jokku S.N.Surendar, Prabhakaran, Subha
Idayam Thudikkirathe Prabhakaran, Chitra, Deepika
Naane Nee Nee Unnikrishanan, Sujatha

Surya(Prashanth) is a carefree youth living in Malaysia with his brother Chandramohan(Raghuvaran) and sister-in-law Devi(Sukanya). Chandramohan and Devi are childless because of a problem with Chandramohan. Surya falls in love with dancer Priya(Riya Sen) and manages to steal her heart too. Just when things seem happy, a bombshell is dropped by a Sister Mary who tells Surya that he is the father of a small girl Pooja. Pooja must undergo an operation to save her life but insists on seeing her dad before agreeing to the operation. Surya agrees to pose as her dad and is forced to do so on a more permanent basis even after the operation is done. He is driven out of the house and loses Priya, who agrees to wed an earlier suitor, Shyam.

The proceedings lack any kind of energy for most of the movie. The romance between Prashanth and Riya is routine and lacks any kind of sparks. It is developed in spurts and to make matters worse, Riya's behaviour is confusing with respect to whether she is in love with Prashanth or not. The accusation that Prashanth is the father of a little girl is a good shock and makes us perk up but it wears off quickly and from then onwards the movie drags towards its inevitable conclusion. Riya's character becomes a complete mess in the second half when she runs into Prashanth again and her behavior in the elevator tarnishes her image. There is a little buzz of interest in the end as the director readies us for a surprise ending but then cops out. Prashanth's behavior in the climax is also unscrutable as he rejects Riya for a valid reason but then inexplicably accepts her with no change in the situation(he did reject Chandini more permanently for the same reason in Aasaiyil Or Kadidham).

Its another routine role for Prashanth and he carries it off with no great effort. He impresses when talking to Riya in different dialects and performs well in the stunts. Riya Sen is a big drawback. Bharathiraja's introduction in Taj Mahal undergoes a change of image from her village belle role in that movie and appears in modern outfits here. But hers is a blank, expressionless face and her lack of any kind of acting skills is amply evident. Quite a disappointment, especially considering the quality of the other heroines like Radhika and Revathi whom Bharathiraja has introduced in the past. Raghuvaran lends respect to the movie in a role that has lots of similarities to his role in Aaha. Sukanya is back for another round in tamil cinema, this time as sister-in-law but doesn't seem to have lost her emoting skills. Kaadhal Seiyum... and July 16 Vandhaal... are melodious numbers from Manoj Bhatnagar but almost all the songs have a Hindi feel to them.

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